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When Talent Counts

Joseph Eisley is a rising talent in the HVAC industry in Pittsburgh, PA. He is building a company based on advanced knowledge of HVAC systems, proven installation and repair craftsmanship, and an in-depth understanding of HVAC issues born out of his extensive field experience. In 2023 Joe has installed over 100 furnaces, 50 air conditioners and went on over 200+ service calls. With each of these customers he delivered quick diagnosis and carefully crafted solutions done with care and precision.  

hvac, hvac near me, ac repair, heating and cooling near me, furnace repair, heat pump, ac repair near me



I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional customer service provided by Joe. From start to finish, Joe's communication was impeccable, ensuring that every step of the process was clear and transparent. One of the standout qualities of Joe's service is his punctuality. He consistently arrived on time, demonstrating a commitment to professionalism that is often rare to find. Moreover, his dedication to keeping us informed of the progress was commendable. Despite encountering a delay due to an unavailable part, Joe went above and beyond by providing daily updates, keeping us reassured and informed throughout the process.

In times of true emergencies, Joe's availability was invaluable. He was there when we needed him the most, offering support and assistance without hesitation. In sum, Joe's dedication to providing unparalleled customer service is truly remarkable. His attention to detail, prompt communication, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction make him an invaluable asset.

We cannot thank Joe enough for his outstanding service and assistance. Thank you, Joe, for your exceptional work.

Aida Agovic-Corna
Real Estate Agent
Mt. Lebanon, PA
March 2024


"I am the Owner and General Contractor/ Project Manager for Capstone Quality Services and have had the pleasure of working with Joe on several jobs. Joe has shown the time management skills to perform job tasks and implement the job actions with great reliability. I have complete confidence in his professionalism, skills, and abilities and highly recommend Eisley Yates HVAC for any job. Joe has a distinctive blend of competence and adaptability that would be a great asset to anyone."

- Ethan Manes
Company Owner
January 2024 



"Joe is very knowledgeable, punctual, trustworthy and compassionate. He has strong communication skills and will not recommend any services that are not needed. He is the type of guy you recommend to everyone because you know he will get the job done the right way the first time."

- Taylor McVay 
Real Estate Agent
February 2024


"Our home air conditioner stopped cooling on one of the hottest days last summer. Joe came out and diagnosed the problem within the first 30 minutes and had it totally fixed in less than an hour. Then he performed diagnostics on the system to ensure proper operation.
A true professional in every way."

- Marie Spillias
Home Owner
July 2023



Correctly determining an HVAC issue either leads to a discussion of a repair, or if more serious, a replacement of a furnace or air conditioner. During the initial visit Eisley Yates HVAC will outline a number of options for you to consider, with accurate cost estimates for each approach. We then provide you with a final written estimate of your choice delivered to your email for approval - all within the first hour. You can decide to proceed on the spot, think it over for completion at a later date, or explore other quotes.

The initial service call fee is $75 for the first on-site hour to diagnose the issue and provide a quote for the repair. If you decide not to proceed with a repair, a payment of the service fee is due. If you decide to have us complete the repair, the up front service call fee is waived and payment is due upon completion of the repair.

Payment is by credit card or check upon completion.


Installation of HVAC equipment requires a methodical approach. As part of our on-site 1-hour review we talk with the home or building owner, review the entire space, calculate the overall job labor approach, and determine equipment and material costs accurately. We then provide a written estimate of labor and expenses sent to the owner's email for review.

Installation jobs can normally take place within a few days to a week and in emergency situations within 24-48 hours, depending on equipment availability. 

Payment terms are half on order and half on delivery by check or credit card. There is no charge for the initial site visit for HVAC installation estimates.


Seasonal review of your HVAC equipment in the spring and fall assures long lasting performance for heating and cooling.  

Furnace is tested when outdoor temperature is 30 degrees or less. AC is tested when 60 degrees or greater. Normal maintenance schedule is two visits per year: once in spring/summer and once in fall/weinter,

Click the button below for a list of everything we check. 

Pricing is normally based on 2 hours of labor plus parts. The average cost for maintenance is between $125-$250, depending on the issues uncovered and parts ordered. 

Payment is by credit card or check upon completion.



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